Beware of the Bad Apples You Keep

Why don’t you just fire her? That’s the first question any leader hears when they complain about the bad apple on his/her team. It’s so simple, really. If someone’s behavior is disruptive and is distracting the team, they should be released so they can find a better mutual fit. But, in the real world, it’s often much more complicated than that. There are hundreds of reasons why leaders choose to keep a bad apple. At worst, some managers keep bad apples because they lack the courage to confront the behavior. There’s no excuse for this scenario. Period. Managers who overlook … Read More

The 5 Characters You Want on Your Team

If you could create your dream team, who would be on it and why? That’s an important question to ask yourself as you look at the talent in your organization and work to strategically fill the positions that support you. What characteristics feed your energy and are crucial to success?