Introverts Can Be Great Leaders

image of introvert

“Can I pick your brain for a second? What would stop me from using the Myers-Briggs assessment to choose my leaders?” The question sent chills down my spine. I’ve been asked that same question hundreds of times in my career, and it always has the same effect on me. As I talked through the differences between personality type and personality traits, I thought of all the introverted leaders in the workplace today. I thought of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, and Elon Musk. And then I thought of introverted leaders outside the tech industry. Stephen Spielberg, JK Rowling, and … Read More

How to Lead an Introvert

The best teams are made up of very diverse individuals. They come from varied backgrounds, have different experience levels, and bring with them unique thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. Leading an introvert can be perceived as a challenge for managers who are disproportionately extroverted. You may not feel very connected to your introverted employees or feel as though they don’t participate enough in group discussions or projects. However, there is so much value in having an introvert on your team if you can identify and flex to their unique needs. Here are some tips for spotting the introvert on your team: