Getting Unstuck

Woman stuck and unstuck

As one’s career ebbs and flows, it’s common to experience times of peak productivity and effectiveness as well as times of frustration and stagnation. When everything is working as it should, the highs are incredible and create natural energy to drive you forward. But when the tough days turn into rough weeks, months, or even a year, that job can start to feel a bit like quicksand. When the lows hit, the worst thing you can do is keep pushing ahead without making any changes. You can’t run out the clock using the same ineffective behaviors and choices you used … Read More

Breaking Through the Organizational Change Myth

Time for Change

“No one likes change.” It’s one of those statements we’ve all heard so often in business that we’ve come to accept it as fact. No one likes change. On face value, it seems reasonable. We can all think of some organizational change initiative that was met with resistance by a few (or many) vocal opponents, so anecdotally the statement seems to hold water. But look past the failed change initiatives and think about the ways we seek out change every day. We buy new cars and homes. We meet new people and build relationships. We start families and change careers. … Read More

Notes from Apple — The Challenge of Leading Through a Change Rebellion

If there was ever any doubt how much people hate change, check the comment section of any blog post about the recent Apple decision regarding headphone jacks. The world has clearly come to an end for iPhone enthusiasts. How will we ever survive without a headphone jack in our iPhones? According to Apple, this life-altering design decision was an act of “courage.” It does take a lot of courage to take a stand and make a change. Of course, they did try to minimize customer outrage by including a headphone jack adapter in all iPhone 7 purchases, but according to … Read More