Vacation Time Can’t Solve Your Burnout Problems

Photo of Burning Match

“I hope you enjoyed your time off and are feeling refreshed after the holidays.” After a long, exhausting year that tested the resilience of every worker in the world, that email greeting seems innocent enough (if not hopeful). Leading up to the holidays, many workers used the vacation time they banked all year long to take an extended break from work. As they hustled through their last days in the office, they imagined how an extended vacation would provide a renewed sense of energy to start the new year. But for many workers, reality is setting in that they did … Read More

Office Space 2019: It’s a Problem of Motivation, Bob

Office Space cast Lacks motivation

It’s been 20 years since the 1999 cult classic movie “Office Space” was released and workers everywhere bonded over their shared disdain for mundane work, lack of functional resources, poor communication and motivation, and ineffective reporting structures. We followed worker Peter Gibbons as he transitioned from disengaged employee through his awakening and career change. We saw what happens when the employee’s values and company culture are mis-aligned. And who could forget the satisfaction of seeing defunct office equipment destroyed with a baseball bat? Have we improved the workplace experience at all in the past 20 years? If a sequel to … Read More