The One Reason You Can’t Work from Home

Man working at home

For many, working from home seems like a luxury. It’s a flexible benefit that costs the organization virtually nothing, but gives the employee countless perks. As someone who has worked from home for 12 years, I am positive I couldn’t transition back into cubicle-life. Working from home allows employees to save gas money, reduce their carbon footprint, and reduce their morning stress thanks to a no-car commute to the “office.” While they do have to buy their own coffee, they usually save money overall and eat healthier because they’re not limited to (or tempted by) the fast food options near … Read More

It All Starts with Trust

Half of the country woke up last Wednesday morning wondering “what happened here?” How could nearly every poll, pundit, and expert be so wrong in predicting the next President of the United States? Through canvassing, online polls, telephone polls, social media mentions, rally size, and so many other ways, we thought we accurately analyzed all of the data that should predict voter behaviors. This same methodology has worked in nearly every other presidential election in modern history. But this time, the system failed. What happened here? It boils down to trust. The questions were asked. “Who do you plan to … Read More