Exploring the Burnout-Vacation Connection

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“I’m not saying I’d want to go back to 2020, but 2021 has honestly been worse from a work and burnout perspective.” This honest comment from a friend accurately reflects what so many people are feeling in the workplace today. As the world returns to “normal,” most managers are dealing with more complex issues than ever. Turnover is high in entry-level roles, and despite creative recruitment efforts/incentives, many roles remain unfilled. Who has time for a vacation when you’re just trying to keep your head above water?

Vacation Time Can’t Solve Your Burnout Problems

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“I hope you enjoyed your time off and are feeling refreshed after the holidays.” After a long, exhausting year that tested the resilience of every worker in the world, that email greeting seems innocent enough (if not hopeful). Leading up to the holidays, many workers used the vacation time they banked all year long to take an extended break from work. As they hustled through their last days in the office, they imagined how an extended vacation would provide a renewed sense of energy to start the new year. But for many workers, reality is setting in that they did … Read More

Let’s Talk About the Wall

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This month marks an important milestone in our global pandemic experience. We’ve persevered through six months of mask wearing, social distancing, remote working, and lock-downs. Perhaps this is an accomplishment to be celebrated, as we made these choices in an effort to protect the health and well-being of our families, friends, colleagues, and strangers. These acts of kindness and care for one another have not been without consequence. Many small and mid-sized business are struggling to remain open and mental health challenges are mounting. While we should celebrate the impact we’ve made on flattening the curve and working to keep … Read More