Thirty Acts of Empowerment

Today’s leaders don’t command and demand. They inspire and empower. They communicate a vision that enables each person to visualize the critical role they play in helping the organization achieve it’s mission. A powerful, inspirational leader helps everyone realize their “best self” and gives them the opportunity to shine every day. Here are 30 acts of empowerment a leader can deliver every day.

It’s Not Enough to Think Like an Owner

“That’s not my job.” Is there any phrase more destructive in the workplace? If that phrase is the worst, then “That decision is above my pay grade” has to come in second place. Both phrases are heard frequently, and both do nothing more than alienate teammates, punish customers, and disrespect the company as a whole. CEOs want their leaders to think like an owner because it creates a unique mindset. Whether it’s a small business or a Fortune 100, when you think like an owner, you take ownership of your job, your attitude, your employees, and your customer. When you’re … Read More