Cutting Off the Ends of the Ham

A young girl was watching her mother bake a ham for a family gathering and noticed her mom cutting off the ends before placing it in the oven. “Mom, why do you cut the ends off before baking the ham?” she asked. “Hmmm… I think it helps soak up the juices while it’s baking. I’m not sure, though. That’s just the way your grandma always did it, so I’ve just always cut them off. Why don’t you call grandma and ask her?”

Beware of Leadership GPS

Last week, a woman in Ontario made national news after she trusted her GPS so mindlessly that she followed the directions right into a lake. The image of her red sedan submerged in a murky lake dominated headlines and prompted readers to ridicule the young driver for her inability to think for herself and her over-reliance on technology. Stories as wild as this actually happen all the time. Just last year, drivers made headlines by following GPS instructions into ponds, down staircases, onto railroad tracks, into the ocean, and nearly off a cliff. It’s easy to blame the technology in … Read More