Tips for Remote Onboarding

photo of remote worker

Of all the concerns managers have about leading a remote team, perhaps one of the most daunting ones is how to effectively onboard a new team member to a fully remote team. In many organizations where remote work is an option, they still choose to initiate onboarding in person. In-person onboarding helps set the new employee off on the right foot and enables them to be effective in their new role quickly. While remote onboarding may not be ideal, with appropriate planning and effort the quality of the onboarding experience needn’t be sacrificed. Here are a few tips for remote … Read More

One Activity Managers Should Never Overlook

Time for Onboarding

In pursuit of efficiency and energy preservation, managers are often in search of ways to do more with less. Working smarter, not harder is a universal goal, but the execution of that goal often involves cutting corners. While there’s a very necessary time and place for saying “no” to requests, there’s one activity that should never become a low priority. Onboarding new employees can be exhausting. From the complex tasks such as explaining layered strategies to time-consuming needs like giving access to key resources, it can be tempting to cut corners or delegate responsibility. However, the investment in time spent … Read More

Leading the Charge for Onboarding

Hiring a new employee is the gift that keeps on giving. New team members bring new energy, excitement, ideas, and perspective to the team. A single new employee with a positive attitude and engaging personality can shift the mental energy of the entire team. New employees also ask innocent but tough questions that force you to question how and why you do things a certain way. They don’t accept “this is how it’s always been done” as an acceptable answer to their questions. And when training a new employee, skills gaps for the rest of the team may be uncovered. … Read More