Leading through Failure

Failure Quote

As with anything in life, there are highs and lows. When you’re in a leadership position, the highs you experience in business are more rewarding because they are multi-faceted. The highs usually involve a combination of business goal achievement, rewards/recognition from above, shared success with the team and the satisfaction of knowing your vision, coaching, and strategy is what enabled the team to achieve success. Naturally, the lows can feel just as low. People who rise to the level of leadership are driven and crave achievement. Even when failure is outside of their control, they will internalize it and feel … Read More

The Best Part of Your Worst Year

The kids may have just started a new school year, but in the corporate world it’s time to start working on 2018 strategies, budget, production plans, etc. That also means we’re right around the corner from performance appraisal time. Let’s face it, the only people who enjoy annual performance reviews are the ones who had a phenomenal year. For the rest of us who have struggled and clawed our way through the year, performance appraisals are like pouring salt in the wound. Recounting all the things that didn’t go as planned can be painful and emotionally draining. Even when the … Read More