Proactive vs Reactive DEI

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Today’s blog is from Australian contributor, Dr. Tom Verghese. Tom is Principal and Founder of Cultural Synergies. His work helps organizations perform at optimal levels, improving cross-border staff engagement, communication, diversity, equity and inclusion. We have recently been engaged to work with a client that is experiencing rapid growth and has partnered with a global leader in their field. The leadership contacted us, as they felt it was a good time to revisit their organizational values and ensure that they are aligned and in place as they expand. Having recently worked with another external organization, the leadership noticed that some … Read More

Saying No to the Pizza Party

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It’s always in the darkest days that we learn the most valuable and memorable lessons. Years ago, I led a small sales team plagued by organizational inefficiencies. It was the end of Q2 and everyone was frustrated that the senior leadership team was still making adjustments to the sales goals and comp plans. This meant Q1 commissions hadn’t been paid out on schedule, and it was likely that Q2 commissions wouldn’t arrive on time either. On a leadership call, one sales director asked “how do you suggest I keep my team engaged and motivated when they don’t know what their … Read More

Time to Ditch the Employee Engagement Survey?

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As we near the mid-way point for the year, many organizations are conducting employee engagement surveys to address satisfaction, productivity, and retention issues. Ironically, the employee engagement survey experience is typically less than engaging. Employees receive an email from Human Resources asking them to answer 10-15 minutes worth of questions that inquire about everything from workload to leadership’s vision. And in the end, most employees feel like the survey was a waste of time. It’s not that the employees lack opinions, they just lack trust that their responses will drive change. 

70% of Employees Are Not Engaged – Three Steps to Cut That Number

70% of US workers are not engaged — they have essentially “checked out,” meaning they care little, if at all, about their job and company. And that attitude has dire consequences. Manager disengagement hovers around 51% and can significantly impact profitability and productivity. Gallup reports these ‘not engaged’ leaders cost the U.S. $77 billion to $96 billion annually because their attitudes cascade throughout the organization.