70% of Employees Are Not Engaged – Three Steps to Cut That Number

70% of US workers are not engaged — they have essentially “checked out,” meaning they care little, if at all, about their job and company. And that attitude has dire consequences. Manager disengagement hovers around 51% and can significantly impact profitability and productivity. Gallup reports these ‘not engaged’ leaders cost the U.S. $77 billion to $96 billion annually because their attitudes cascade throughout the organization.

Why is engagement so important? Engaged employees are the ones most likely to drive the innovation, growth and revenue their companies need. These engaged workers build new products and services, generate new ideas, create new customers and ultimately help spur the economy and create more good jobs. Click here for three critical actions your leaders can take to strengthen their managers’ — and subsequently, their employees’ — engagement. Or contact us for more information about our targeted leadership development programs.