Thirty Acts of Empowerment

Today’s leaders don’t command and demand. They inspire and empower. They communicate a vision that enables each person to visualize the critical role they play in helping the organization achieve it’s mission. A powerful, inspirational leader helps everyone realize their “best self” and gives them the opportunity to shine every day. Here are 30 acts of empowerment a leader can deliver every day.

  1. Share your vision often.
  2. Be clear about the important role each person plays on your team.
  3. Ask your team members what they want to do next.
  4. Ask how you can help.
  5. Seek out diverse experiences for your team.
  6. Seek out development opportunities for your team.
  7. Be vocal about each person’s unique gifts.
  8. Be positive.
  9. Do every day tasks with your team.
  10. Ask for help with problem solving.
  11. Ask for help with creative ideas.
  12. Take breaks and vacations.
  13. Ask someone to take over leading meetings and other activities.
  14. Share your thought process.
  15. Share your failures.
  16. Walk the walk along with the team.
  17. Set the goal, but let the team define the path.
  18. Ask for disagreement.
  19. Be quiet and listen.
  20. Publicize team wins.
  21. Toss the org chart.
  22. Delegate often.
  23. Be available.
  24. Be transparent.
  25. Root for and support the underdogs.
  26. Share an inspiring story.
  27. Trust others.
  28. Be honest and sincere.
  29. Express gratitude.
  30. Find a teaching moment every day.

The true measure of our success will be, the number of people touched and transformed by our success. -Angela Ahrendts