The 5 Characters You Want on Your Team

TEAM_GRPIf you could create your dream team, who would be on it and why? That’s an important question to ask yourself as you look at the talent in your organization and work to strategically fill the positions that support you. What characteristics feed your energy and are crucial to success? Here are a few characters we suggest you include on your dream team:

The Historian. Having one person on your team who knows the product, service, and organizational history can be invaluable. They were around when acquisitions and mergers were made. They understand how different organizational changes affected the overall culture. They’ve seen what changes have worked and which ones didn’t. The wealth of knowledge that they hold is unique and irreplaceable. One thing you’ll want to watch out for, though, is a pessimistic historian. Because they’ve “been there, done that” they may be resistant to both new and old ideas in favor of sticking with the status quo.

The Social Butterfly. You don’t just want this person around for a fun Happy Hour, there’s a business reason as well. The organization’s best Social Butterfly has key insight into what other divisions are doing because he/she talks to everyone. They connect people and ideas together because they don’t believe in the natural barriers between silos. Additionally, this team member knows who to go to in the organization for requests. They have the inside track on getting things done because they’re friendly with everyone.

The Initiator. This person brings more than just ideas to the table, they bring excitement and initiative that makes people want to get on board with the idea. The Initiator flourishes in an environment filled with people who respond to ideas with “yes, and” instead of “no.” They are creative, imaginative, and often charismatic. They are not, however, worker bees, so you’ll want to surround them with people who like to get their hands dirty to turn The Initiator’s ideas into reality.

The Agitator. Just from the name, you may be unconvinced that you want an Agitator on your team, but don’t underestimate the value they bring. An Agitator can also be thought of as a Devil’s Advocate. They ask tough questions and challenge assumptions. They are the key to ensuring your team doesn’t fall prey to group think. An Agitator doesn’t try to hold up the creative process; they just want to make sure that the facts are truly the facts and the team isn’t wasting time on false data and assumptions.

The Magician. You don’t know how they get the job done, but they always do. They magically meet deadlines when you’re convinced the deadline is unrealistic. They come in with a huge sale at the last minute. They solve problems that you thought had no solution. The Magician is your go-to person to get things done on the team. Oftentimes, even The Magician doesn’t know how they make things happen, they just do. It’s magic.

Look around your team, do you have any of these characters in place supporting you? What role do you play in this line-up?