Step-Up to Leading Others

Joanne Collins

Summer Session Frontline leaders face different motivational challenges from mid- to upper-level managers. Tasked with leading a fully-contributing workforce, their ability to manage relationships and keep employees engaged has a direct impact on the bottom line. Step-Up gives first-time supervisors and leads key insights and specific skills designed to handle the new responsibilities of leadership, workforce engagement, planning and production. Step-Up is a three-day workshop, plus one. The workshop focuses on developing a real connection between front-line supervisors and the business case. It helps participants learn to achieve accountability through consultative leadership, creates an understanding of team dynamics and integrates … Read More

Frontline Leader Challenges: Managing B-Players

Tom Peters famously said “True leaders don’t create followers. They create more leaders.” If you’re a leader, your whole purpose in business is to help others develop into the best person they can be and contribute meaningfully to an organization. This, of course, means identifying potential future leaders who can be groomed to move from high performing individual contributor to high performing leader. This shift doesn’t come easily, though. Over half of the individuals who are placed in formal high potential programs leave within the first five years. Because we are confident that past performance predicts future performance, we make … Read More