Five Great Podcasts for Leaders

podcastA few weeks ago, we shared six of our favorite TED Talks and we received such positive feedback from our readers, that we thought it would be helpful to share some of our favorite podcasts as well.

If you don’t currently listen to podcasts, you are missing out on some great thoughts and conversations being shared on this unique platform. Podcasting is a popular choice by thought-leaders because, unlike blogs, they lend themselves to story-telling and conversations between multiple parties. They’re inexpensive to create and easy to share. Listeners enjoy podcasts because they can stay up to date on the latest episodes as they commute to work, take a lunch break, or run on the treadmill. After your eyes have glazed over from staring at your computer and smart phone all week, it’s nice to give yourself a visual break by catching up with an engaging podcast.

You have likely already heard of popular podcasts like This American Life or Stuff You Should Know, but here are 5 podcasts that can help expand your horizons as a leader:

  • The Tim Ferriss Show – If you don’t know Tim Ferriss by name, you have likely heard of his book The Four Hour Work Week. On Tim’s podcast, he interviews leaders from a wide variety of areas to explore how they maintain their success. What do they do that makes them more efficient and effective than others? His guests include everyone from Daymond John and Peter Thiel to Jamie Foxx and Kevin Costner.
  • HBR Ideacast – If you’re already a fan of the Harvard Business Review, then naturally, you’ll probably enjoy this podcast. What’s unique about this podcast is that there is a different presenter in each episode, so you will experience a wide variety of topics, perspectives, and personalities.
  • The Accidental Creative – Author Todd Henry shares ideas on how to be your best possible you every day. Topics include creativity, productivity, leadership, influence, and communication.
  • Off the Charts – Many podcasts last from 30 minutes to an hour, but Nathalie Lussier’s 10-minute long podcasts deliver actionable changes you can make every week to drive your business forward. Whether you need help marketing yourself, your ideas, or your business, Nathalie will deliver ideas you can implement in each episode.
  • Manager Tools – Just as the name suggests, this podcast delivers weekly episodes on tools for managing better. This podcast is a great refresher for the basics such as delivering performance reviews, holding effective meetings, making goals, and tracking results.

If these podcasts aren’t for you, check out some of your favorite authors. Many authors host podcasts on their websites in addition to their blogs as a way to keep communicating with their fans and sharing ideas between books.