5 Lessons from Saying No

Photo of businessman sayng no on phone

I said “no” this week. I didn’t want to say no. I’m a people-pleaser by nature, and the invitation was one that I genuinely wanted to accept. But I said no, nonetheless. As painful as it was to let one opportunity go, I received immediate positive results from my decision that reinforced the power of saying no. First, the process of empowering myself to say no has been a long one. It began by accepting that while I’d like to be everything to everyone, I acknowledge that saying yes to everyone else means I’m often saying no to myself. I … Read More

Making Hybrid Work for Everyone

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If one thing’s for certain, it’s that the Post-Pandemic “Return to Normal” will look nothing like the workplace of the past. The Future of Work will likely include more choice and flexibility than in the past. For organizations that prioritize preserving their in-person office experience and culture, the future state may include a hybrid work arrangement or flexible schedules. While this sounds like a viable compromise for the impossible task of making everyone happy, there are certain employees that will be impacted more than others.

Exploring the Burnout-Vacation Connection

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“I’m not saying I’d want to go back to 2020, but 2021 has honestly been worse from a work and burnout perspective.” This honest comment from a friend accurately reflects what so many people are feeling in the workplace today. As the world returns to “normal,” most managers are dealing with more complex issues than ever. Turnover is high in entry-level roles, and despite creative recruitment efforts/incentives, many roles remain unfilled. Who has time for a vacation when you’re just trying to keep your head above water?

A Tale of Three Resignations

Image of people leaving workplace

After any significant life event, it’s normal to gain a new perspective and make major life changes. What’s unique about this year is the world went through that significant life event together as we battled a global pandemic. As the workforce enters into a new version of normal, more and more individuals are pursuing career changes as they reflect on the past year. In the past 2 weeks, three of my friends have submitted their resignations. Each of these individuals are successful, mid-career professionals who were relatively happy with their employer/career before the pandemic.

20 Things to Ask Your Employees Today

Man at computer completing survey

Executives across the world are facing difficult decisions regarding the future of work. Many organizations are still operating with a 100% remote workforce, while others have chosen a hybrid model that allows a small percentage of workers back in the office. To plan for the next stage in the “return to normal,” organizations are engaging their employees for feedback. They’re asking individuals to share their preferences for working remotely full-time, working from the office full-time, or a hybrid model. While it’s important to gather data and plan the workspace strategically, there are much broader perspectives that should be captured immediately and … Read More

Vacation Time Can’t Solve Your Burnout Problems

Photo of Burning Match

“I hope you enjoyed your time off and are feeling refreshed after the holidays.” After a long, exhausting year that tested the resilience of every worker in the world, that email greeting seems innocent enough (if not hopeful). Leading up to the holidays, many workers used the vacation time they banked all year long to take an extended break from work. As they hustled through their last days in the office, they imagined how an extended vacation would provide a renewed sense of energy to start the new year. But for many workers, reality is setting in that they did … Read More