Eight Resolutions for a Healthy Leader

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Whether you call it a resolution or a goal, it’s all the same thing. We’re all looking for that one thing we want to do differently in 2018 to make it our best year yet. The vast majority of personal New Year’s Resolutions involve becoming more healthy (eat less, work out more, etc). When we think about health, we think about the things that are easily measured: pounds, inches, calories, grams of sugar, blood sugar, and cholesterol. Rarely do we measure our mental health or consider the impact it has on our physical health. The role of a leader is … Read More

Keep the Change – Pump Your Own Gas

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The only thing more constant than change in this world is how much people hate change. Regardless of how well researched the change is or how much it will benefit others, people will naturally resist giving up what is comfortable and familiar. A great example of our illogical resistance to change became headline news this week when new gas pumping laws took effect in Oregon. Even though residents of 48 other states are capable of (and perhaps prefer)

Fixing Your Sunday Blues

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If you’re like 76% of the population, when Sunday evening rolls around you begin to experience a sense of dread. Sadness, anxiety, and even hopelessness dominates your once relaxing weekend. This pervasive problem eats away at the precious time we reserve for relaxing, enjoying family, and refreshing our batteries. But to fix the problem, we must diagnose it first. Not all Sunday Blues are created equal. You hate your job. The first, and easiest trigger to identify is pure job dissatisfaction. If you hate your job, you will spend every minute counting down to when you have to go back.  … Read More

Pursuing Apricot Pie

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In the book, Leading with Vision, the authors shared a story that has been stuck in my mind for weeks. Co-author Simon Vetter tells the story of how, when he was 12 years old, he played soccer every week with his friends. He loved playing soccer and would often play until the sun went down. But on Wednesdays, no matter what the score was, he left his friends on the field promptly at 6pm and sprinted home. There was only one thing that could tear him away from soccer with his friends- apricot pie. His mother’s apricot pie was his … Read More

Tips for an Uneventful Holiday Party

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Love it or hate it, the company holiday party is just around the corner. Human Resource Managers are simultaneously trying to plan the party, handle end-of-year compensation/performance review talks, tie up loose ends from open enrollment and saying a little prayer your employees will conduct themselves professionally at this social event. Of course, HR will send out a list of guidelines for proper behavior, but don’t make HR be the heavy on this one. You may assume your employees know how to behave themselves at a work social event, but in the Year of the Weinstein, it’s not worth the … Read More

Team Members We’re Thankful For

Last week, as I sent out personal thank you messages to each of my team members for their hard work this year, I started thinking about exactly what I was thankful for. Realistically, not every team member is a top performer. But that doesn’t mean they don’t serve a necessary purpose and make a positive impact on the team. Each person contributes something unique that should be acknowledged and appreciated. These are the key team members I’m thankful for this year: