Collaborative Culture

Much has been written in the last decade about the benefits of collaboration in the workplace. Learning to work collaboratively enhances team performance, makes employees more responsible, improves motivation and gives team members a greater sense of purpose as they work toward the same goal. By leveraging the talent and skills contributed by diverse groups, companies can achieve significantly better outcomes by fostering a culture where employees work better together.

Over the last quarter century, California’s Silicon Valley has become synonymous with building complex, successful businesses. Companies and leaders there have succeeded because they did more than apply existing business models–they created a new model for collaboration. Facilitator Thea Spitzer has developed a practical, straightforward model for achieving greater levels of collaboration based on her research with numerous Silicon Valley companies.

Dr. Spitzer found that successful collaboration depends on three components:

  • mutual respect and trust
  • effective communication between and among those involved
  • a shared commitment to achieving the given objective.

Thea Spitzer presents collaboration tools

By focusing on the steps necessary to build stronger collaboration skills, organizations can develop a more collaborative ethos – one where employees are regarded equally, where they are rewarded for coming up with their best thinking and then presenting to the group to use communal brains to develop an even better approach. This creates an exciting new way to work together that is more fulfilling and far more productive.

Watch Thea as she introduces the process of building a collaborative culture in three short videos addressing how to Create a Winning Culture Through Collaboration:

Part 1: Creating Shared Understanding (4 minutes)

Part 2: Creating a Collaborative Culture (4 minutes)

Part 3: Collaboration and Business Performance (7 minutes)

Find out how your organization can successfully grow groups, strengthen alliances, boost your teams’ potential and get better results for every project. Contact us for a Collaboration Assessment. We’ll perform an assessment of your organization’s culture and deliver a report outlining what you should focus on to improve outcomes, build engagement and motivation and realize long-term success. You will receive three suggestions for realizing a more collaborative culture right away.

Meet Our Facilitator

Thea Spitzer, PhD and Thea Spitzerfounder of Critical Change LLC, has been a consultant, strategic advisor and coach to executives, leaders and organizations for nearly 30 years (including 16 years with Microsoft). One of her specialties is helping people in workplaces to interact and work with others in ways that not only increase team effectiveness but monumentally affect the success of the entire organization. Her recent book, The Power of Collaboration, synthesizes her longstanding expertise in this area.

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