SMART Conversations®

Building a Culture of Authenticity, Respect, and Trust
The way your staff, managers, and teams communicate can make or break your organization. SMART Conversations® offers your employees a disciplined approach to communication founded on the use of dialogue in the workplace.

Dialogue focuses on opening minds to change, rather than working to change minds, in order to build trust and optimize learning to arrive at the best results. A key work/life skill, dialogue is proving invaluable in strengthening employee orientation, mending relationships, fortifying project groups, improving performance, and raising company morale.

SMART Conversations trains your staff to communicate in ways that:

  • Consider all perspectives
  • Respect differences
  • Build on everyone’s ideas and experience
  • Encourage full participation
  • Galvanize teams

Who will benefit from SMART Conversations?

  • Work teams
  • Management teams
  • Cross-functional groups
  • The C-suite
  • Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors

Read What Past Participants Have to Say

“We go into most meetings intent on changing minds. With SMART Conversations, we go into meetings open to having our minds changed.”Workshop Participant.

Collaborative Culture

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Building a Trust Culture

Discover the latest best practices in creating, enhancing and maintaining trust at all levels of the organization.

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Straight Talk

Assess your corporate culture and create strategies to increase honest communication

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Meet Our Facilitator

Paul Weisman

Paul Weisman is a trainer, coach, and management consultant with strong education and business credentials in each practice area.

Paul’s signature training focus is di.a.logic™ – Practices for Effective Conversation, designed to significantly improve relationships in your organization leading to higher productivity, improved staff retention, great client service, and strong business development results. Paul provides this training based on his complete belief and commitment to the power of this work to transform performance of individuals, teams, and your organization.

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