Thea SpitzerThea Spitzer, Principal of Critical Change LLC, has been a consultant, strategic advisor, and coach to executives, leaders, and staff at Fortune 500s, mid-sized firms and governmental agencies for 30 years including 16 years with Microsoft.

Thea’s expertise includes facilitating the development of organizational direction, aligning staff with that direction, increasing employee productivity and achieving bottom-line results with a more-engaged workforce. Thea has designed and executed over 1,000 solutions in partnership with clients; creating and sharing practical tools that help guide them to new levels of success. Her specialties include helping individuals and teams who see the world differently achieve amazing results together. This may sound simple, but in a world where people with opposing views must come together and reach even better conclusions, it can be challenging.

Thea helps clients do things in ways that make sense for today and tomorrow. This may include replacing practices that worked well in the past but are no longer effective. She focuses on fixing root causes rather than symptoms, and is known for working effectively with people at all levels of an organization with a focus on creating a collaborative culture.

Combining her longstanding expertise in collaboration and recent discussions with 28 Silicon Valley leaders, Dr. Spitzer has created that collaborative approach, and shares it in her book, The Power of Collaboration (Career Press, 2018).

Thea works with a wide variety of industries and sectors. She presents keynote speeches, workshops, trainings, and seminars, and has received accolades and awards for her work. Thea earned her Ph.D. in Organizational Systems from Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center and her undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan.