Team Effectiveness & Collaboration

Team EffectivenessWithout solid leadership, today’s teams can drag individual performance down and result in significant outcome and process losses. With leadership best practices in place, teams grow and perform better, the members are more satisfied with their roles, and the organization’s stakeholders are more satisfied with the gains in operating performance. Team Effectiveness & Collaboration is a fast-paced multiple-day workshop that addresses the critical behaviors of team leadership with both newly formed and existing teams.

Session topics are outlined below and can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

  • Designing cross-functional teams for long-term success
  • Understanding the critical individual, organizational, and team factors that impact team performance
  • Developmental stages of teams and team members
  • Recognizing and practicing the critical leadership behaviors for team success
  • Identifying the key leverage points for developing efficient change strategies when things go awry

Who will benefit from the Team Effectiveness & Collaboration workshop?

  • Executives and managers who are committed to improving their skills and helping build powerful, successful teams
  • Any staff member positioned to lead a mission-critical team
Meet Our Facilitators

Thea Spitzer, PhD and Thea Spitzerfounder of Critical Change LLC, has been a consultant, strategic advisor and coach to executives, leaders and organizations for nearly 30 years (including 16 years with Microsoft). One of her specialties is helping people in workplaces to interact and work with others in ways that not only increase team effectiveness but monumentally affect the success of the entire organization. Her recent book, The Power of Collaboration, synthesizes her longstanding expertise in this area.

Claudia Busch Lee PhotoClaudia Busch Lee, PhD, President of Catalyst Consulting, Inc., is an organizational consultant, trainer and executive coach. She previously served as Adjunct Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership. Her expertise is in leadership development, developing high performing teams, creativity, communication, conflict resolution, managing change, strategic agility, coaching and feedback. Claudia has created and delivered training for such organizations as National Security Agency and Dow Corning. She is highly skilled in many areas of instrumentation, including the DiSC, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the FIRO-B, Strengths Deployment Inventory and a wide variety of 360-degree feedback instruments.

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