Power of Influence

InfluenceAuthority_WEBAuthority isn’t all at the top anymore. Influencers can occur at any level of the organization. These people have the power to get others to do what they want because they have learned how to use basic principles to develop relationships and build trust, allowing them to use their power wisely and effectively.

An engaging and highly effective 3-day workshop, Power of Influence is a unique action-oriented model that gives team members, project leaders, managers, and executives a process for developing and using influence to build loyalty, encourage cooperation, and develop teams and networks that drive success.

Learnings will include:

  • Understanding the dynamics that affect credibility and trust within the team
  • Avoiding the actions that can undermine teamwork and trust
  • Developing the necessary influence potential to make a real contribution to the organization’s successful results

Who will benefit from Power of Influence?

  • Any staff member who is expected to lead within a team or matrix environment
  • New managers and managers-in-training
  • Staff new to your organization

Meet Our Facilitator

Frank Wagner, PhD a specialist in leadership behavior. His work focuses on commitment, teamwork, influence acrossorganizational boundaries, coaching, and faster strategic planning and execution.His training designs use a specific leadership model supported by exercises and tools to apply the concepts learned.

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