Financial FoundationsDo you want to make more effective business decisions that tie to financial outcomes?
Financial Foundations is targeted to managers at all levels who are expected to understand, use and apply the financial picture of their organization, but who may not have past experience working with this critical data. During this interactive three-day workshop participants will be introduced to a range of best practices for understanding key financial performance indicators and interpreting their impact on the organization’s mission, vision, and budget.


Topics Include:

  • Introduction to financial processes
  • Interpreting financial statements
  • Generating and presenting a budget
  • Other financial skills such as performing a ROI analysis, creating a cost-benefit analysis, documenting capital expense justification, and assessing a project with a break-even analysis
  • Monitoring and managing working capital and depreciation
  • Developing effective forecasts that can drive planning and strategic implementation


Who will benefit from Financial Foundations?

  • Non-financial managers and team leaders
  • HR personnel
  • Executives


Meet Our Facilitators

John Metcalf

John Metcalf has 30 years of financial and operational management experience, with 19 years as CFO for both private and publicly held companies.  John has negotiated and closed successful acquisitions and major financings of up to several hundred million dollars, directed the reengineering and turnaround of three companies, implemented systems, and provided financial and operational leadership through periods of dramatic growth as well as through downturns. John holds an MBA in Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Business and Marketing from the University of California, Berkeley.


Sue Parham

Sue Parham established a legacy for her vision, creativity and leadership as former VP Global Apparel, Accessories and Equipment for Columbia Sportswear, and former Director of US Merchandising and Retail GMM at Nike, Inc. Sue is founder and President of Lessons Learned, a consulting firm focusing on making organizations more effective and strategically focused from concept-to-consumer. She is a visiting lecturer at Warsaw School of Business, University of Oregon, and author of Math for Merchants and Authentically Speaking, which have been used to train product creation professionals around the globe.


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