photo of Moe CarrickMoe Carrick has woven a cohesive and provocative tapestry of personal leadership experiences, Fortune 100 consulting, academic and institutional learning, keynote addresses, authorship, strategic partnering, and masterful facilitation. Her diverse background, which spans more than two decades, makes Moe an ideal partner for those who possess the power and desire to achieve concrete and lasting change for themselves and their organizations.

Moe asserts that people and the companies in which they work possess an endless capacity to reinvent themselves. She consistently demonstrates through energetic and open client collaboration that individuals, groups, and organizations can become better and achieve the phenomenal. Her no-nonsense, non-threatening style, and uncanny knack for navigating tumultuous times enables people to strip away seemingly impenetrable personal and systemic barriers to success.

Moe grounds her approach in a unifying and undeniable truth: successful work is dependent upon human relationships. Moe believes that people and human relationships can stand between our successes and failures when not managed well. Her work begins and ends at the critical juncture where people and organizations must solve root issues while simultaneously sustaining the motivation to become better. Moe’s varied contributions to people and organizations have consistently stimulated positive ripple effects with direct and favorable impact to the bottom line.

Her lifelong adventurous spirit and story-telling prowess, coupled with her inspirational, witty and humorous style, earn Moe rave reviews for her keynote addresses, training events, and consulting experiences. Her visionary mind allows her to translate her experiences into engaging and interactive presentations, which both predict and reflect emerging trends.

Moe holds an MS in Organizational Management from Antioch University, New England. A BA in English from the University of New Hampshire and is a graduate of the National Training Laboratory. She is a certified Professional in HR, an Outward Bound and NOLS instructor, as well as a certified administrator for the Center for Creative Leadership Benchmarks 360 assessment.