Mac McShaneMac McShane is an Executive Coach and Consulting Psychologist in Denver, Colorado, and is President and co-owner of McShane and Calvin, P.C., a consulting and psychology practice. Dr. McShane has worked both in the United States and globally to help individuals, teams and organizations reach optimal performance. He serves as a leadership facilitator to senior leaders, high potential individuals and teams.

As an adjunct staff member at the Center for Creative Leadership in Colorado Springs, Mac provides executive assessments and coaching in several different programs on senior level leadership development, as well as strategic and team leadership development. Mac entered the business coaching field from a clinical psychology background that centered on understanding the barriers to change and the psychology of optimal performance.

In addition to his work with CCL, he works on leadership programs both nationally and internationally with a variety of other organizations. He is currently working on a project with the U.S. government on using the assessment center model to give top government employees more powerful behavioral feedback to accelerate their leadership capabilities. He brings to his executive coaching an understanding of individuals and corporations gleaned from working with varied groups in diverse settings.

Mac originally trained as a Naval Architect in the Engineering program at the University of Michigan and worked designing nuclear submarines for the Electric Boat division of General Dynamics and hovercraft for Hovermarine Corporation. He was responsible for working with the United States Coast Guard on the approval of the first hovercraft to be used for ferry transportation in the United States. As a Psychologist, Mac developed and led multi-week wilderness expeditions for adolescents which used wilderness based skills such as rock climbing, mountaineering, backpacking and bicycling as a way to teach leadership and enhance personal growth. He has taught extensively at the high school and college levels in various subjects including Psychology, Biology, Mathematics, Human Sexuality and Organizational Development. Mac works with AT&T assessment center research project collecting original research data on ‘what makes effective leaders in the corporate world.’

In addition to his B.S.E., Mac earned his M.Ed. in Community Psychology from the University of Massachusetts and his Doctor of Psychology from the University of Denver.