Keith Merron, PhD, is a member of the Executive Forum professional staff and founder and Managing Partner of Leadership Pathways, an organizational consulting and leadership development firm dedicated to helping organizations with bold visions achieve sustainable high performance and industry leadership.

Keith has more than 37 years’ experience assisting executives and managers in business, government, and education. He has designed and led over 100 seminars and workshops for leaders, and helped create some of the most innovative leadership training programs in the country. In partnership with his clients, he has successfully conducted large-system strategic, cultural, and technical change efforts resulting in a measurable increase in organizational productivity, employee performance, and employee satisfaction.

With his direct, honest, and supportive style, Keith is noted for his ability to create memorable leadership learning experiences that have a lasting effect. He is also a powerful coach for executives and CEOs who want to deepen their ability to create extraordinary organizations.

Keith holds a PhD from Harvard University and is the author of six books on human and organizational change: The Art of Transformational Coaching, Riding the Wave: Designing Your Organization for Enduring Success, Consulting Mastery, The Golden Flame: The Heart and Soul of Remarkable Leadership, Inner Freedom, and Gender Intelligence, co-authored with Barbara Annis.

Keith facilitates our Cohort Coaching program.