Jim Morris has a rich background in leading and facilitating organizational change efforts through both his work inside of companies as an executive and leader and, more recently, as an external coach and consultant. He has designed, facilitated and managed change efforts for inter- and trans-national corporations with over 7,000 employees. Jim’s work focuses on the integration of strategy, organizational systems, culture, teams, and the development of managers who lead teams. His approach is to help organizations find sustainable, self-replicating solutions that make change efforts achieve long term results. A major theme in all of Jim’s work is his attention to the culture of organizations as a vehicle to help motivate and inspire employees and leaders to do their best in life and work.

Prior to joining Moementum, Jim worked as the Sustainability Practice Principal and Chief Operating Officer for one world learning, a subsidiary of Interface Inc. Interface is considered one of the leading businesses worldwide in the development of sustainable practices in the formation of “the next industrial revolution.” Other professional credentials include serving as the Director of Adventure Learning Programs for the Pecos River/Aon Consulting; Program Director for Hurricane Island Outward Bound’s Peace River School; the Associate Director of the Santa Fe Mountain Center and; Founder/ Director of Challenge/Discovery.

Jim is the author of The Five Insights of Enduring Leaders (2007), a practical how-to book that teaches readers how to develop their own leadership traits, to uncover and enhance them in others and ultimately to add value, inspire others and change the world. Jim believes that most people are capable of becoming effective, enduring leaders if they are properly taught not just what it takes – The Five Insights – but how to incorporate those Five Insights into their leadership style.

Jim’s coaching process is derived from his experience as a senior leader and informed by his knowledge and passion for provoking learning in his clients. His passion is to help leaders learn to extend their impact for personal, organizational, and global transformation, specifically in the areas of social and environmental responsibility.