The Travels of a T-shirt in a Global Economy

An Executive Forum Presentation by Pietra Rivoli, PhD, Synopsis by Rod Cox
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“Pietra Rivoli’s path-breaking study of globalization began with the investigation of a $6 T-shirt she found in the bargain bin at Walgreen’s, tracing its story step-by-step. To her surprise, she found that the story includes global travels spurred less by manufacturing, shipping and retail interests than by domestic and global economics, politics, protectionism and trade agreements.

Why does a t-shirt’s life unfold as it does? Why are there so many travels? Why was the cotton from Texas? Why was the T-shirt manufactured in China? Who are the people involved at each step? Why does trade policy look the way it does? Why do the U.S. and Europe sell their used clothing to Africa?”

By addressing the social issues related to international business and globalization, including justice in international trade and labor standards, Rivoli’s presentation provides an intriguing, eye-opening look into the complexities of global economics and their effect on our business and personal lives.”