The Power of Gender Intelligence: Using Science to Drive Success

An Executive Forum Synopsis Presentation by Barbara Annis, Synopsis by Rod Cox
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“Everyone realizes men and women are different and that gender-different styles, modes of operating, and leadership skills all interact in powerful ways in the workplace. Smart companies now know that positively leveraging these differences can result in a distinct advantage. Expert in Leadership and Gender, Barbara Annis has combined gender-study brain scan results with compelling business examples gleaned from years of work with inclusive leadership and gender initiatives to create an effective methodology for integrating gender in the workplace.

Providing practical, easy-to-use tools that can be put to use immediately, Barbara explains how implementing them in your company can improve negotiating, communication, and conflict-resolution wherever men and women work together. Move yourself and your organization to the next generation of gender effectiveness by recognizing and mobilizing the special capabilities of men and women. This session will help you understand the differences, and will show how attention to gender issues positively impacts operating results.”