The Executive’s Role in Talent Management

An Executive Forum Presentation by Steve Trautman, Synopsis by Rod Cox
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“Top executives need to know how to positively lead strategic talent management efforts, how to ask the right questions, and how to provide a baseline of support to their talent management teams. Senior executives frequently rely on their management teams to address talent shortages and put together processes designed to recruit, develop and retain top talent. But today, the talent management process is one job whose success depends on the involvement of senior leaders who understand their role and the cost of major talent gaps.

Most leaders are aware that dramatic changes are coming to the global talent pool. Boomers are retiring, shortages exist for key positions in many industries, and new workers must be efficiently brought on board. But senior executives don’t always know what to do to ensure that their talent initiatives reduce the risks and deliver what the organization needs for future success. Steve Trautman’s goal is to help executives gain a perspective on talent management that is relevant across sectors, business units and functions, and to provide the framework and tools executives need to take effective action.”