The Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

An Executive Forum Synopsis Presentation by Liz Wiseman, Synopsis by Rod Cox
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“Why is it that some leaders seem to drain the life out of an organization, leaving team members exhausted and devoid of creativity, while other leaders appear to amplify their teams’ capabilities and intelligence, yielding consistently better results? Because some leaders are Diminishers, idea-killers who sap the energy from their teams and only get the job done at an enormous cost of wasted talent and lost commitment. In contrast, leaders who are Multipliers not only recognize the talent and capability in those around them, they encourage it and inspire their employees to stretch themselves to deliver results that surpass expectations.

If your organization is faced with doing more with less, if you’re looking for that competitive edge, let Liz Wiseman show you how to become a Multiplier. Using five basic skills that everyone can master, Liz will show new or seasoned managers how to bring people together, give team members more freedom, power and responsibility, and create an environment where ideas can be heard, where intelligence can be stretched, and where everyone is smarter and more capable.”