Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience

An Executive Forum Synopsis Presentation by Robert Ginnett, Synopsis by Rod Cox
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“Ideally, everyone has had the experience of having a great coach / leader / mentor at some time in their life. These leaders / mentors usually have two invaluable things to share with you: 1) lots of great experiences, and 2) their reflections and learnings tying their experience to a leadership lesson. Robert Ginnett will focus on helping us learn how to make these connections.

To be an effective leader, you need to have a valid map of the leadership world (which we get from understanding leadership research). You will also need to have a leadership or followership experience which either works well for you or is problematic. Having both a valid map and an impactful experience, you will then need to connect the two to inform your understanding of leadership and potentially allow you to improve your leadership behaviors.

Robert Ginnett will demonstrate how to use this approach to improve your leadership potential at both the individual and team levels. First, we will take a well-known personality characteristic and turn it into actionable leadership behaviors useful in dealing with stress and in decision-making. Most everyone has experienced a team that is struggling; Robert will then show how to diagnose a problem at the team level which is the first step toward improving team leadership skills.”