Leadership & Organizational Trust

An Executive Forum White Paper by Michael Hackman
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“Recent examples ranging from Enron to Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and AIG, support the notion that without trust organizations cannot thrive. High-trust organizations have increased value, accelerated growth, enhanced innovation, improved collaboration, stronger partnering, better execution, and heightened loyalty. Dr. Michael Hackman’s interest in organizational trust began more than a decade ago. He became convinced that trust played a significant role in impacting overall organizational effectiveness. His consulting experiences and observations of the widespread “trust crash” that occurred over the past few years, as well as research for his book, Building the High Trust Organization: Strategies for Supporting Five Key Dimensions of Trust, have only served to convince him that trust is not just critically important – it is the main thing – the essential element of organizational success.

Dr. Hackman will discuss the five key drivers of organizational trust: competence, openness and honesty, concern for employees/stakeholders, reliability, and identification. He will take us through detailed strategies for building each driver of trust, helping you to develop your own comprehensive plan to enhance organizational trust.”