Instinctual Leadership

An Executive Forum White Paper By Hendrie Weisinger
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“Why are outstanding leadership, managing change, and success so elusive? The answers and the solutions to these everyday plights are revealed in stunning new lessons about the power of instincts and their capacity to transform lives from merely surviving to actually thriving in every area of life. Instinctual leadership, a concept introduced in Dr. Weisinger’s new book The Genius of Instinct, presents a dramatic new way of understanding the most important attribute for any organization – leadership. Dr. Hendrie Weisinger builds on his earlier work, Emotional Intelligence at Work, using dramatic new scientific findings, he identifies the six most indispensable instinctual behaviors, and illuminates the necessity of following their instinctual command for thriving.

Today, unfortunately, most of us are disconnected from our basic instincts and all too often cautiously rely on our rational mind to cope with life’s challenges. Dr. Weisinger explains exactly how people can reconnect with these hard-wired behaviors and wisely re-establish the links between our everyday actions and these powerful natural forces. In a step by step fashion, he’ll show us how to strategically use the genius of our instinctual tools, and in doing so, thrive personally and professionally. Using your instinctual tools to solve adaptive problems is the essence of instinctual leadership, and according to natural selection, those individuals who can apply their instinctual tools most broadly are the most effective leaders and thereby increase their organization’s ecological niche – the role it plays in its environment.”