High-impact Talent Management: Ensuring a Ready Workforce

An Executive Forum Presentation by Steve Trautman, Synopsis by Rod Cox
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“Top executives worldwide rank human capital risks as the most serious challenge facing their organizations. (Yet) recent studies show that in the next few years many companies could have only half the leaders and skilled workers they need. (Thus,) line executives have to ask themselves: How do we reduce the risks of talent shortages and also maximize the payoff of workforce and leadership development investments? What is the senior manager’s real job in developing future workforce and leadership capabilities?”

Steve Trautman advocates an outcomes-focused, “ready workforce” approach:

  • assessing and redefining the manager’s role as a customer of talent management
  • an executive framework for talent management: what it means to be a sponsor
    aligning talent management efforts with business strategy
  • assessing and prioritizing ready workforce risks
  • using a Knowledge Silo Matrix (KSM) to inventory talent and to initiate key actions and mentoring for goal achievement.
  • “Talent Management is not just another buzz word. You may think of TM as human resources, human capital planning, workforce planning, or retention. But it doesn’t matter what you call it, it matters what you do with it.”