Are You Ready? How Great Leaders Ensure Their Organization’s Enduring Success

An Executive Forum Presentation by Jim Morris, Synopsis by Rod Cox
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“Organizations are facing a crisis in leadership.

In the U.S., $23 billion a year is spent on leadership development (including consulting and internal development). Of the world’s 276 largest companies, only 20% report having a leadership succession practice that works. This includes even the very successful companies.
Management churn is epidemic. 60% of all middle managers fail to meet expectations. 55% of these are replaced within two years of assuming the role.

The U.S. turned out 130,000 MBAs in 2005. Based on history, less than 3% will rise above middle management in companies valued at over $25 million. Most of the graduates are working for themselves rather than going to organizations. In for-profit companies, the #2 factor for failed acquisition attempts is a perceived lack of talent in the company to be acquired.

Jim Morris notes that much of the problem lies with ‘leaders who can’t let go of their need to be the expert, as well as their need to look good. In doing so, they forego the organizational effectiveness that is built on participation and involvement.’

This can be changed, but not necessarily through traditional leadership development methods. In this presentation, Morris illustrates the common pitfalls of leadership development and succession, and offers thoughtful, effective approaches that companies and individual leaders can use to develop themselves.”