Accelerate Your Leadership to Meet Rapid Change

An Executive Forum Presentation by Suzanne Mayo Frindt, Synopsis by Rod Cox
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“In a world where old business models no longer suffice, where predictability and time-tested assumptions no longer hold true, business-as-usual is rapidly being reshaped by powerful, fast-paced processes. To meet the demands of this new era, a new type of leader is emerging — one whose agility and creativity not only propel individuals and organizations to peak performance, but who consistently produces extraordinary results in the face of highly complex challenges.

Suzanne Frindt’s deceptively simple, insightful approach introduces a practical collaborative methodology, crafted from years of hands-on experience with global business executives and designed to drive productivity. Using proven practices, leaders will learn to expand their capacity for productive thought and interaction. Unlike other approaches, Frindt’s work begins with who to BE, rather than what to DO, to produce effective leadership. Leaders will learn to reduce friction and waste in daily conversations and inspire highly productive teams that regularly deliver on bold commitments with a sustainable shared vision.”