The Keys to Successful Project Planning and Management

Project QuickStep offers team leaders and team members a flexible, straightforward framework and tools for defining and achieving project goals and delivering desired results. Participants are guided through a disciplined methodology and then get a chance to immediately apply it to their daily work. Participants learn skills on Day 1, then go back to an actual project and spend time applying the new tools to that project. On Day 2, that real-life practice comes into play as participants deliver a status report for coaching.

Who will benefit from Project QuickStep?

  • Project team leaders, managers, and team members.
  • New project managers and managers-in-training
  • High potential staff

Meet Our Facilitator

Jeff Belding is an expert in project leadership training and consulting to cross-functional project and management teams. His specialties include communication skills and tools that influence project stakeholders to achieve outstanding results.

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Jeff’s style is very effective in working with different kinds of people of varying professional and cultural backgrounds. His workshop is concise, and the content is applicable to a wide variety of projects. Everyone who attended the workshops spoke highly of the workshop content, and of Jeff’s presentation skills and experience.

~ Michael P. Smith, Sr. Project Manager, Apple, Inc.