It’s no secret that most managers and employees spend a lot of time in meetings. It’s also no secret that many meetings are not a good use of their time. Our one-day workshop, Driving Results through Meeting Management, can help you guarantee that things get done in all your meetings. Using a highly interactive format, the seminar includes two practice sessions for each participant based on real-time meeting issues. Participation is limited please inquire.
This workshop teaches participants how to:

  • Become competent, confident facilitators.
  • Use the six techniques that will set up a meeting for success.
  • Determine the best layout and seating for meeting effectiveness.
  • Demonstrate effective ways to keep the meeting on track and increase participation.

Topics include:

  • Creating agreements among participants
  • Asking the right questions and the right types of questions
  • Understanding how decisions get made
  • Dealing with difficult participants (aka the elephants in the room)

Who will benefit: 

  • Everyone at your organization who facilitates meetings
  • Everyone at your organization who attends meetings

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