Knowledge Transfer Workshop

Knowledge Transfer means moving the right skills, aptitudes, and information at the right time to keep your workforce prepared, productive, innovative, and competitive. If knowledge transfer is how people learn to do their jobs, what can we do to make critical, high-priority knowledge transfer happen faster, with less stress, and with greater predictability and consistency? This hands-on workshop offers clear, simple strategies and techniques to help you bridge the gap between what your internal experts know and what others need to know. The Knowledge Transfer Workshop is the development foundation for a three-step approach to manage workforce readiness. Topics Included

  • Bringing new employees on board in 50% less time
  • Training someone else while still doing your own job
  • Learning what information needs to be included—or not—when transferring knowledge
  • Training someone who has a learning style different from your own
  • Inventorying your own skills or those of critical employees

Who will benefit from the Knowledge Transfer Workshop?

  • HR personnel
  • Managers and team leaders
  • Executives

Meet Our Facilitators

Sherryl Christie is the co-author of the Practical Leader Management Series and a contributor to the development of the Knowledge Transfer Workshop. For 16 years, Sherryl has provided training, as well as individual and team coaching for leaders of all levels. See Sherryl in action, below:

SteveSteve Trautman Trautman is the author of corporate America’s leading knowledge transfer workshop and has been providing simple, relevant, and quick solutions for knowledge transfer for more than two decades. He has written two books, Teach What You Know: a Practical Leader’s Guide to Knowledge Transfer Using Peer Mentoring and The Executive Guide to High-Impact Talent Management.

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