Interdependent Leadership

Leaders today are challenged to meet a growing list of seemingly contradictory demands. Finding ways to acknowledge these contradictions and build on the interdependencies of outcomes and shareholders is what Interdependent Leadership is all about.

The day-to-day operation of any organization involves built-in tensions resulting from essential but contradictory demands. Traditionally, leaders have been expected to choose from these demands, taking an “either-or” approach. Recent studies have emphasized the importance for leaders to integrate these seemingly paradoxical challenges by finding a balance between them.

Interdependent Leadership presents a framework for leaders to manage the multiple demands of their organizations, not by “solving” individual problems, but by understanding and leveraging the interdependencies involved. Through presentation, experiential challenges, discussion and real-life application, participants learn the dynamics of interdependency and the skills needed to leverage them.  An action-learning project combined with one-to-one coaching prepares participants to apply the skills of interdependent leadership, making them much more effective and agile leaders. Our Interdependent Leadership program is designed to support the enhanced behaviors and thinking associated with vertical leadership development.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of how individual, team and organizational leadership are interdependent
  • Identify and map these interdependencies
  • Assess the impacts of these interdependencies and use action learning to develop the skills to leverage them

Meet Our Facilitator

Peter Dupre is an educator, consultant and performance coach who designs and leads unique and challenging learning experiences. As a Principal and founding partner of Peak Performance, he pioneered high impact training and coaching programs. Peter is adjunct faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership, providing executive coaching, curriculum design, and custom program training. He developed the highly successful Team Leadership Module for their flagship Leadership development programs, selected by The Wall Street Journal as the most effective programs for senior executives worldwide.

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