Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching takes one-on-one guidance to a new level and is more direct in meeting individual leadership needs. Providing structured support for the growth and development of the top-level professionals at your organization, this highly individualized coaching focuses on helping participants make lasting behavioral changes that will yield dramatic positive results in relationships, project completion and operating performance.

Participants in Executive Coaching consistently report:

  • Enhanced versatility and more creative thinking
  • Raising self-awareness regarding impact on others
  • Improved abilities in using feedback constructively and in developing successful relationships
  • Increased effectiveness and satisfaction with project results

At the same time, their organizations have reported:

  • Smoother transitions into, out of, and between projects and promotions
  • Consistent, thoughtful leadership development
  • Improving developmental and coaching skills as a leader and manager
  • More objective problem-solving
  • Better team relationships

An Executive Coaching engagement provides a minimum of a 6-month program with specific goals and plans supported by regular face-to-face or phone meetings to keep things focused and encourage consistent progress. 360-degree feedback, combined with input from key stakeholders, helps keep goals and activities closely aligned with organizational objectives.

Twenty coaches have been assembled to meet a variety of development needs.
Our coaches are matched to your company’s culture and have experience coaching high performers and senior leadership within organizations. The team applies consistent and proven approaches and establishes uniformity across the coaching experience.

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