Every professional depends on clear, clean writing to communicate with customers, vendors, and coworkers. Yet writing is often the smallest part of a professional’s training. Our Enhanced Business Writing Skills program remedies that with a customized interactive training based on the actual writings of your staff. Instruction, practice, and Q&A clear up miscommunications and smooth out errors. Feedback occurs during the sessions and in one-on-one coaching.

Topics may include:

  • The basics of reader-focused writing
  • Punctuation as signal to the reader
  • Sentence structure for easier communication
  • Writing better PowerPoint presentations

Who will benefit from Enhanced Business Writing Skills

  • Staff who depend on clear email communication
  • Staff who write reports, proposals, white papers, grant applications
  • Staff who edit or are responsible for the writing of those who report to them

Meet Our FacilitatorJ_Kelly_New_WEB

Jill Kelly, PhD, is a former college professor of grammar and writing. She works as a freelance editor for businesses, academics, and professionals; and she teaches writing improvement to graduate students and business professionals. Her memoir was a finalist for the Oregon Book Award.