leader labLeadership Lab

Today’s challenging workplace requires every manager to have the leadership skills needed to motivate teams, improve performance ,and solve the challenges of a changing business environment. Our unique Leadership Lab provides a set of powerful tools for your client’s most critical employees, whether they need to develop the behaviors necessary to operate effectively at a new management level or simply to hone existing skills


PeerMentor_Doodle_WEBKnowledge Transfer

This one-day, “how-to” workshop is designed to give your client’s internal experts a straight-forward way to share what they know. Knowledge Transfer helps employees at all levels deliver effective on-the-job training. Suitable for anyone at any level of your client’s business who is responsible, either formally or informally, for mentoring other employees, this workshop uses plain language along with fifteen proven tools that can be put to work right away.


ProjectQuickStepProject Management

This two-day workshop is designed to provide anyone in charge of a project the tools necessary to manage effectively and deliver the desire results. During the workshop, participants are guided through a disciplined methodology for planning and managing projects to a successful outcome.



strategy Strategic Execution

Strategic Execution is a hands-on program that can help your leaders and managers apply proven, no-nonsense strategic management solutions to your most important issues and opportunities. Centered on the Logical Framework, a simple yet powerful thinking tool, this highly effective workshop combines reality-tested techniques with a set of practical tools to boost the success of all types of projects, programs, and strategic initiatives.


InfluenceAuthority_WEBInfluencing without Authority

An engaging and highly effective 3-day workshop, Influencing without Authority is a unique action-oriented model that gives team members, project leaders, managers, and executives a process for developing and using influence to build loyalty, encourage cooperation, and develop teams and networks that drive success.


Financial FoundationsFinancial Foundations

This three-day, hands-on workshop is designed to help non-financial managers make sense of financial information to make more effective business decisions. Participants will learn to communicate ideas in financial terms, read financial statements, develop budgets and build basic support information for financial analysis and project justification.