The Culture Strategy Fit: Why Aligning Culture and Strategy is Crucial

An Executive Forum Presentation by Sherrill Burns, Synopsis by Rod Cox
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“All leaders understand that their organization – and every other organization – has a culture. Yet surprisingly few of them understand the critical relationship between culture, strategy and achievement. In particular, they don’t realize that a culture not aligned with the organization’s strategy can seriously undermine it. “If you don’t understand the culture of your company,  even your most brilliant strategies will fail. Your vision will be resisted, plans won’t get executed properly, and all kinds of things will start going wrong.” Isadore Sharp, CEO, Four Seasons Hotels.

Sherrill Burns notes that “Frustration with available culture diagnosis tools has lead us to an intensive period of research into what really is important for culture diagnosis.” She has made it her professional purpose to bring this research to light, and to train leaders and organizations to use culture to help sculpt strategy and vice versa.”