People Powered Innovation

“Your work with us opened my eyes to the possibilities of engaging people from their strengths and building the future on those, rather than trying to prioritize and fix our problems.”Sandra Dunsmore, Executive Director, Pearson Peacekeeping Center

PPIC LogoPeople Powered Innovation is a fresh approach to change and reinvention—not just for generating great ideas but for bringing them to life. In today’s world, we need organizations to deliver value for all our stakeholders—our customers, employees, communities, shareholders and the planet.

The Foundations and Practice of People Powered Innovation

Appreciative InquiryHelp your team deliver value to ALL stakeholders, meeting complex challenges by reinventing your organization in ways that hold onto what makes you great, drives innovation, and leverages the strengths of those involved.

People Powered Innovation (PPI) recognizes four realities:

  1. Success in this changing world often requires innovating your business model and modifying how the organization functions to execute that model.
  2. Everyone can be an innovator.
  3. Participation in the process creates the mindsets, relationships and commitment needed for breakthrough positive change.
  4. When we begin identifying the essence of who we are—our core values, competencies and strengths—we’re better able to retain what’s valuable so we can manage continuity as well as change.

Who will benefit from the People Powered Innovation process?
This program presents a set of skills and tools for anyone seeking to make a positive difference in their organization. From C-suite executives to community leaders, from board members to social entrepreneurs, from municipal leaders to public servants, People Powered Innovation is ideal for everyone with an innovation challenge or opportunity who will benefit from the collective genius of the people in their organization or network. Click here to see more information about the People Powered Innovation process.

  • Business leaders who want to dramatically improve both staff and customer experiences, and build a flexible enterprise.
  • Healthcare leaders needing to accelerate care innovations and deliver measurable impact on costs while ensuring better patient and staff experiences and outcomes.
  • Not-for-profit leaders dedicated to delivering effective, sustainable solutions for our changing world.
  • Community leaders committed to finding multi-stakeholder solutions for the complex social issues confronting our world.

CASE STUDIES: real-world results realized by two companies when they put the people powered innovation approach into action.


Contact us if your organization is facing challenges that:

  • Require accelerated implementation, with personal growth among participants.
  • Must incorporate the collective genius, full support, and understanding of all stakeholders.
  • Need a custom approach intended specifically for your culture and business environment.
  • Necessitate building the capacity for internal innovation while solving the problem at hand.

Meet Our Facilitators

Bernard MohrBernard J. Mohr, People Powered Innovation Collaborative Co-Founder, Managing Director and Head of Innovation Research & Development, is a pioneer in stakeholder centered innovation of service delivery, management and production challenges. He has published seven books and numerous articles dealing with co-creating more humane and effective organizations.

Neil SamuelsNeil Samuels, People Powered Innovation Collaborative Co-Founder, is a respected coach, mentor, and change strategist. Neil has worked with senior leaders on six continents to help them develop themselves, their teams, and their organizations as they navigate through complex, large-scale change.

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